Aesthetic medicine review 2016: the most exciting developments

The fact that aesthetic medicine does not stand still, but is subject to constant change, is both a pleasure and a challenge for me as a facial surgeon. After all, medical progress does not always bring real benefits for my patients. And with so many new procedures – especially when you consider the growing market for aesthetic treatment devices – it’s not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Despite this (or perhaps because of this), I would like to take a brief look back at 2016 and at least briefly outline the topics that were important in aesthetic medicine.

Gentle methods: a continuing trend

Firstly, there is the undisputed and continuing trend towards gentle procedures: Once again this year, various surveys have shown that non-surgical forms of treatment now have a firm place in aesthetics. For me, this is a perfectly understandable development, but one that carries the risk that medical treatments will be trivialized and increasingly carried out by unqualified providers. I therefore recommend that interested patients keep their eyes open when choosing a doctor. Even a seemingly gentle treatment such as Botox should only be carried out by an experienced specialist.

Year after year, there are many new things to discover on the medical device market. The techniques for non-surgical skin treatment here range from cold to light to heat, and there are sure to be both excellent devices and flops among the many new products. This year I purchased a special cooling device for Muggenthaler Ästhetik and will soon be reporting in detail on my practical experiences.

Peeling according to Dr. Muggenthaler

My special peeling technique also met with particular interest this year. Although the procedure based on the Exopeel developed by Dr. Vigneron has already been developed in recent years, I was pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback this year – from patients and specialist colleagues alike. This fact and the great results give me great pleasure and encourage me to continue working on optimizing my method. Who knows: maybe my patients will be able to enjoy even more impressive rejuvenation effects in the years to come?

I hope the year that is drawing to a close has also brought you many exciting and, above all, good things and wish you a good start to 2017!