Breaking news: Dr. Muggenthaler launches its own skincare brand

Today is the day! After intensive research and development, the Deanol Triple-Lifting Cream is the first product in my new skincare line. (Available from September 1 at


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Why have your own skincare?

A person’s external appearance is by no means superficial, but deeply rooted in our inner well-being. As an aesthetic facial surgeon, I am in the privileged position of being able to help my patients achieve a greater sense of well-being and accompany them on their path to personal happiness. Skin care plays a crucial role in this and has been an integral part of our treatment concepts for many years.

So the idea of developing my own skincare line was an obvious one and had actually been lying dormant inside me for a long time. A few years ago, during my phenol peel studies, I became aware of the active ingredient dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). This active ingredient – also known as deanol – is said to stimulate muscle fibers to contract permanently, which should lead to long-term firming. I was thrilled by its mode of action and was sure that this active ingredient could change medical skin care. Through my intensive exchange with pharmacologists, dermatologists and scientists, however, I quickly realized that the positive properties of deanol could be improved even further.

Together with a renowned Swiss laboratory, we then succeeded in spring 2021 in developing a triple-stimulating active ingredient complex that tightens the skin both in depth and on the surface and also replenishes the skin’s moisture depot. Both the test results and the feedback from the test subjects were astounding and the Deanol Triple-Lifting Cream was born.

Our product range is constantly being expanded to include further highlights, and the team around Dr. Muggenthaler is also growing. What remains is well-founded medical expertise, a great deal of passion and excellent research “made in Switzerland”.


The Deanol Lifting Cream is available in our practice and clinic as well as in our online store at available.