Clarisonic skin care brush

Again and again, my patients draw my attention to interesting care products or techniques. I would also like to share some particularly exciting tips with you here. Today I’m taking a look at the innovative Clarisonic skincare brush. This device has revolutionized skin cleansing over the past two years. It looks a bit like a toy, but a closer look reveals its high quality and technical perfection. Nevertheless, it is fun to cleanse the skin with this device. The brush head is vibrated for about a minute, gently massaging the skin. The brushes penetrate the pores for effective deep cleansing. This type of massage also gently stimulates the circulation. By using cleansing lotions adapted to the respective skin type, the optimum cleansing can be achieved for every skin type.

At Muggenthaler Ästhetik, we recommend a combination of the very proven and effective washing lotions from Zein Obagi with application using the Clarisonic device. This further increases the effect of the already effective ZO products.