Dissecting the Facelift

This year saw the publication of an exciting new book on the subject of facelifts, which should be of particular interest to specialist colleagues. “Dissecting the Facelift” approaches the supreme discipline of facial surgery from a comparative perspective, with renowned facelift experts from around the world explaining their particular approach. My long-time friend Dr. Timothy Marten, as editor of this volume, has succeeded in recruiting the best-known and most experienced facelift surgeons in the world as authors. Each of the surgeons contributed their own personal experience, often spanning decades, and writes very openly and in detail about tips and tricks in the book.

It is a great honor for me to be one of only two European authors (my colleague Dr. Michel Pfulg from Montreux also contributed an article) to participate in this fantastic project. In my article, I will discuss the special techniques that I have developed in the course of my work in facial surgery and have combined to create my own approach. My method of subcutaneous brow lifting is particularly worth mentioning here. As only very small, inconspicuous incisions are required for this, the brow lift I have developed enables the eyebrows to be lifted particularly effectively and gently. I use this technique several times a week. Muggenthaler Ästhetik also uses this procedure for most facelifts and eyelid corrections. My specialties also include facelifts with deep sutures for long-lasting results and particularly gentle anesthesia, which makes the facelift as gentle as possible for my patients.

This book is unique in that it comprehensively demonstrates the current possibilities of facelift surgery and is sure to become a must-read for every facelift surgeon worldwide!