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Eyelid Lift & Eyelid Correction

An open view, a fresh look






Facts about eyelid lifting


An open gaze and large, alert eyes are a central goal of all surgical procedures, which are intended to give the face a younger and more harmonious expression. A tired facial expression is often caused by hanging lower eyelids, drooping eyelids or eyelid-bags With an eyelid correction or an eyelid lift we can effectively counteract this circumstance.

Large, open eyes with clearly defined folds, an exposed lid and flawless skin are the definition of a youthful eye area. However, age-related changes occur. The eyelids become heavy, tear sacs and age wrinkles appear and the eyes appear tired. Environmental influences such as excessive solar radiation, special habits such as nicotine consumption or hereditary predisposition can also play a role.

1 to 2 hours with local anesthesia or light twilight sleep

Stay in our clinic
Ambulant or 1 night

Follow-up treatment
Cooling, lymph drainage, removal of stitches after 6 days

Socially acceptable
Upper eyelid correction after approx. 7 days, lower eyelid correction after approx. 10 to 14 days

Rare complications
Postoperative bleeding (in the first hours after an operation). Visible reddened scars or swelling. Asymmetries Temporary irritation of the conjunctiva, sinking of the lower lid edge.


Before / After


Die Treatment


The eye region is a very characteristic part of the face. Corrections to the eyelids therefore require special attention. In a detailed consultation with you, we determine where the cuts will be placed, how far the eyebrows should be raised and whether additional measures such as peelings make sense.

Preparation for eyelid lifting / eyelid correction

Before an eyelid lift or correction, we check your state of health and arrange for appropriate examinations. Especially the function of the lacrimal glands is of special importance here. In order to optimise wound and scar healing, you should avoid the sun and avoid nicotine before the operation. Since you will need at least one week after the eyelid correction to be socially fit again, you should take this into account in your time planning.

Eyelid corrections – procedure of the operation

Eyelid corrections are performed under local anaesthesia or in a light twilight sleep. In the case of lower eyelids, a skin incision can be completely dispensed with if the tear sacs are less pronounced. Instead, the grease is removed through a completely invisible access from the back of the eyelid. By dispensing with a scalpel, swelling and discolouration are significantly reduced compared to conventional methods. Wound closure is performed on the upper and lower eyelids with a single thread, which holds the wound edges together under the skin surface and is removed after one week.


Follow-up treatment for eyelid correction

The after-effects of eyelid correction such as swelling or discolouration are reduced to a minimum by intensive cooling immediately after the operation. Eyelid corrections can in most cases be performed on an outpatient basis. The stitches are removed after one week. If self-dissolving threads are used, no further appointment for thread removal is necessary. After one week most patients are fully socially acceptable again. Existing redness can then be covered with make-up. After about six weeks, all swelling has subsided. Sports activities should be restricted for as long as possible.

Frequently asked questions about eyelid correction


Is the eyelid correction permanent?

If the eyelid correction is carried out correctly, a lead of about 10 years can be achieved, which is also maintained.

Is eyelid lifting or correction painful?

The treatment as such is not painful. Any wound pain is minimal. Painkillers are rarely necessary.

Where are the incisions?

In upper eyelid correction, the incisions are in the fold of the cover, about 7 – 9 mm above the edge of the eyelid. For lower eyelid correction, the incisions are about 3 mm below the edge of the eyelid.

Any scars afterwards?

After the healing phase, a fine, inconspicuous line will be visible. Very rarely a bright line can be seen.

When can I put my glasses back on?

Right after the operation.

When can contact lenses be worn again?

After a week.

How long can I be incapacitated for work?

As a rule, you can work again after 2 days. However, there may still be clearly visible signs of operation (patches, discolouration, swelling). You will be socially fit after an upper eyelid correction in about 7 days and after a lower eyelid correction in about 10 to 14 days.

Is a clinic visit necessary?

No, but if the journey is very long, we recommend one or two overnight stays in the clinic.

When are the stitches removed?

After 6 days.

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