Fall and winter highlights of the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery

Journal of Aesthetic Surgery

For several years now, I have had the honor and pleasure of editing the Journal für Ästhetische Chirurgie – JÄC for short – one of the most influential German-language journals in the field of aesthetic medicine. After a few conceptual changes, the journal has not had a completely new look since this year, but it does have a special new approach. More clearly than in the past, each issue revolves around a central theme, on which we compile contributions from renowned authors, academics and practitioners. This makes it possible to shed light on current topics comprehensively and from a wide variety of perspectives. In addition, we endeavor to attract a respected specialist in the lead topic as a guest editor. As the year draws to a close, I would like to take a look at the last two issues of JÄC and explain the thematic highlights.

Focus on skin in the fall issue

For me, dermatology has always been an essential part of aesthetic medicine. This is also evident in the fall issue of JÄC, whose main theme is skin aesthetics. Prof. Kasten’s fascinating article on “Psychological aspects of tattoos and the like” shows just how closely interwoven aesthetic and psychological aspects are, especially when it comes to skin health and beauty. For many people today, body jewelry plays as important a role as the visual and aesthetic integrity of the body surface. Another exciting aspect for me is the connection between medical and aesthetic indications in skin treatment. This becomes clear not least in the topic of scar correction, on which Prof. Wollina contributes an article in this issue. In my practice and clinic, I myself have a lot to do with peelings and the use of medical cosmetics, which for me are an irreplaceable complement to surgical procedures. I am delighted that we also have an article on “Dermocosmetics for Anti-Aging” (Prof. Keck) in the new issue and that Prof. Claudia Borelli, President of the International Peeling Society, answered our questions on the subject of chemical peelings.


Men in the focus of the winter edition

Male patients are always a major media topic in aesthetic surgery. I’m sure most colleagues will agree with me that men – especially in facial surgery – have been a familiar sight for years. However, it seems that their share among our patients is increasing more and more, which is probably mainly due to the fact that aesthetic plastic surgery is no longer considered a taboo subject. In the winter issue of JÄC, the main topic is all about “Aesthetic procedures in men”. Dr. Demir from Cologne provides the lead article in which he asks whether male patients in plastic surgery can be understood as part of a much more general social trend of our time. Other articles deal with “male-typical” procedures such as hair transplantation (Neidel) or with gender-specific features when performing filler and autologous fat treatments (Pallua et al.), body contouring (Richter et al.) or brow lifts (my article). The main topic is supplemented by an article on addressing the male patient target group in the practice (Däumler). Overall, the issue offers an exciting overview of a much-discussed topic in our discipline – both from a surgical-practical perspective and from the point of view of the provider, who would like to position himself and his services more clearly in view of the increased demand from male patients.

I am already looking forward to the topics that the Journal will focus on in the coming year and hope that you will also become a loyal JÄC reader. However, I will certainly continue to report on the key topics and focal points here.