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The Anti-Aging Revolution
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Facts about Hydra­FacialTM


HydraFacialTM is an innovative and extremely effective method for gentle skin ablation and skin renewal. The result is young looking and radiantly healthy skin. Not only Hollywood stars swear by this revolutionary skin treatment with immediate effect – we at MUGGENTHALER ÄSTHETIK in Basel are also completely convinced by HydraFacialTM.

The multifunctional Vortex technology cleanses the skin in depth and enriches it with antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid through dermal infusion. Additional light therapy and lymph drainage complete the treatment result. The treatment should be repeated monthly so that you can enjoy a permanently improved skin appearance. HydraFacial™ is a worldwide recognised procedure with sensational successes.

HydraFacial™ is suitable for every skin type and not only achieves high effectiveness in improving skin health, but also provides excellent relief from skin problems:

  • Hyperpigmentation / sun damage
  • Oily / Constipated skin and acne
  • Extended pores
  • Advanced signs of aging of the skin

The result is more than convincing:

  • More elasticity & firmness of the skin
  • The complexion becomes even and radiant
  • The pores are unified
  • Skin health is improved

Approx. 40 minutes

Follow-up treatment



Face: CHF 230.–
Face & cleavage: CHF 260.–

That’s good to know: Our practice was awarded HydraFacialTM Medical Excellence Partner status in 2018. A seal of quality that underscores our commitment to quality and continuous training

The Treatment


The HydraFacial™ treatment is carried out in four steps:

Skin ablation

Dead skin cells are removed and healthy, fresh skin appears.

GlySal™ Acid peeling

This gentle peeling helps to soften deposits in the pores and prepares the deep cleansing.

Deep cleansing

Impurities and dissolved sebum deposits are extracted from the pore structure by a vacuum.

Hydration & LED light therapy

Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid are infiltrated into the skin through the Vortex Fused Tip. Subsequently, LED light therapy is applied as required. Red light stimulates collagen production, blue light alleviates inflammation and helps with acne.

The HydraFacialTM



Antioxidants combat the damage caused to the skin by free radicals. At the same time, they ensure optimum hydration and a more even complexion. HydraFacial serums are characterised by an effective combination of various antioxidants that restore a beautiful and healthy complexion.


Peptides are the anti-aging heroes in medical skin care and help to reduce the signs of skin aging. The HydraFacial treatment contains a particularly effective peptide mixture. The patented complexes contain valuable protein building blocks to increase resilience and reduce fine wrinkles.


With increasing age the skin discolourations increase. Hyperpigmentation and dark pigmentation spots on the skin occur. The special HydraFacial brighteners Antiox+ and Brightenol help to reduce the irregular formation of melanin and ensure an even skin tone.


The foundation of a HydraFacialTM treatment is formed by the different acids. Glycol, Salicylic acid and lactic acid nourish the skin and gently remove dead skin cells. The special acid peeling formulations are suitable for all skin types – especially oily skin.

Hydra­FacialTM in the media


From Hollywood to Basel – HydraFacialTM is one of the most popular beauty treatments worldwide. This is also proven by the numerous positive reports in the most diverse media around the globe.
hydrafacial basel

Before / After


hydrafacial vorher nachher
hydrafacial vorher nachher
hydrafacial vorher nachher

Frequently asked questions about ­HydraFacialTM


What is special about the HydraFacial™ treatment?
It is the unique combination of different treatment steps:

  • Dissolving the superficial skin flakes with a solution containing salicylic acid and a hydrojet process
  • Cleaning of the pores with a special “suction cup”
  • Hyaluron and stimulating peptides induction
  • Soothing the skin with LED blue light
For whom is the treatment particularly suitable?

The HydraFacialTM treatment is suitable for all skin types and is aimed at all those who want to improve their skin health sustainably.

For whom is the treatment not suitable?

If there are acute inflammatory skin changes or a very pronounced couperose. With existing hypersensitivity to salicylic acid.

Can specific skin problems be treated?
Yes, the following skin problems can be treated with HydraFacialTM

  • Sun damage, hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin
  • Oily or blemished skin
  • Extended pores
  • Dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin that has lost elasticity.
Does this treatment hurt?
No, the treatment is mostly perceived as pleasant.
How long does a HydraFacial™ treatment take?
Approx. 40 minutes
When can visible results be expected?
You can look forward to visible results immediately after the treatment. The skin feels smooth and firm. After two to three days the skin condition improves further – the skin appears fresher and more radiant.
When will I be socially acceptable again?
There is no downtime. Immediately after the treatment, slight reddening may occur in places, which will disappear after 1 hour at the latest.
At what intervals should the treatment be repeated?
Die HydraFacialTM treatment is best repeated monthly.

Gesichtschirurg Dr. Muggenthaler BaselDr. Frank Muggenthaler answers the most frequently asked questions about HydraFacialTM on this page. Can’t find an answer to your question here? Then get in touch with us! We will answer all your questions, gladly in a personal consultation in our practice in Basel.

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    The optimal skin care after your HydraFacialTM Treatment

    In order to maintain your skin health after the HydraFacialTM treatment, Dr. Muggenthaler recommends further care with ZO Skin Health products. We are happy to put together an individual skin care programme for you in our practice in Basel.

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