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Full lips as an expression
of sensuality






Facts about the lip correction


Lip injections, lips enlargement or simply lips beautification – there are many expressions for one and the same treatment goal: Sensual and naturally shaped lips. Lip correction with hyaluronic acid fillers offers us a wide range of possibilities. It’s up to you to decide what you want to change about your lips. The contour? The fullness? Where exactly? The wrinkles – on the lips, around the mouth? Nowadays, a lip correction is more than just an injection: Dr. Muggenthaler makes full use of the possibilities of your lips while preserving their naturalness. His secret? High-quality fillers, paired with decades of experience.

15 to 30 minutes sitting

Clinical visit

Stunning cream on request

Follow-up treatment

Socially acceptable
After 1 day

Duration of Effect
6-12 months

Filler material
Restylane from GALDERMA

approx. CHF 600.–

The treatment


Optimal results with maximum safety: that is our claim. Therefore, we only use fillers from the company GALDERMA for lip injections in our practice in Basel. Especially when building the lips, it is convenient that the filler are available in different consistencies. A firm filler forms the edge of the lip, a soft volume builds up and a thin smoothes wrinkles. The result lasts about 6 to 12 months.

Fuller lips? More contour? Less lip wrinkles?

Before a lip correction, there will be another consultation in which you can explain to Dr. Muggenthaler in a relaxed atmosphere what changes you expect from the treatment

More than just “lip injections” – the framing technique by Dr. Muggenthaler

Beautiful lips are like the facade of a building. Especially when boldly curved shapes are to be created, it is all the more important that the framework is stable and that all building materials fulfill their special function well. For the support it needs solid beams, but then also lighter connecting elements and fillers for the surfaces. At Muggenthaler Ästhetik , we use only hyaluronic acid filler from the product range of GALDERMA. Especially with the RESTYLANE CLASSIC, which has proven its worth for 25 years, we have a filler at our disposal that is very durable and safe, but also very stable. RESTYLANE CLASSIC is ideal for constructing the “framework” of the lips, i.e. at the beginning of a treatment the lip-red and white border is stabilised and the places of maximum projection are highlighted.

The lip body itself then gets its volume through the product RESTYLANE KYSSE, which can be shaped more easily and gives a very natural feeling. Smaller vertical “pleated” lines on the lips can be easily corrected by superficial injections with RESTYLANE FINE TOUCH. To restore smoothness and smoothness to the lip red, we use the Skinbooster RESTYLANE VITAL, which distributes itself evenly under the surface.

A lip correction takes about 15-30 minutes at MUGGENTHALER ÄSTHETIK. It takes place on an outpatient basis and while sitting. If desired, an anaesthetic cream is applied half an hour before the lip correction – so the treatment is virtually painless. In addition, the fillers we have a light painkiller, so that most patients give up the anaesthesia without any difficulty.


Zitat  Lip correction in Muggenthaler Ästhetik is particularly gentle because the products used contain a painkiller.

Voluminous, peppy and natural

The mere “lip injection” with inflatable boat or balloon tyre results is definitely a thing of the past. With beautiful lips it is not only the absolute volume, but also the right swing, the interplay of the contours and the special proportions that are decisive for the attractiveness.

After the lip correction

Immediately after the lip injections, the result looks pretty good. After treatment, your lips may be slightly swollen. A special cream and aloe vera cooling cushion serve to reduce the swelling.

Should it turn out that shape and volume are not yet perfect, it can be reworked after a few days with little effort. In general, the result of a lip correction lasts about 6 months, but deviations up and down are also possible.

The versatility of hyaluron fillers
in lip correction


Lippen vergrössern, Lippenvolumen

Volume structure of the lip body
with Restylane KYSSE

Lippen vergrössern, Lippenkontur verschönern

Build lip skeleton
with Restylane Classic

Lippen aufspritzen, Lippenwölbung

Modelling the lip curvature
with Restylane KYSSE

Lippen, Mundwinkel korrigieren

Optimise mouth angle shape
with Restylane Classic

Lippenfältchen korrigieren

Minimise pleated wrinkles
with Restylane Fine Touch

Mehr Lippenrot mit Hyaluronsäure

Lip red and suppleness
with Restylane VITAL

Frequently asked questions about lip correction


Which results can be achieved by injecting the lips or can be achieved with lip correction?

Lip correction is not about building as much volume as possible, but creating a natural look.

These are the correction options with fillers:

  • Build lip shape with Restylane Classic
  • Volume structure of the lip body with Restylane KYSSE
  • Correction of smaller vertical pleats with Restylane Fine Touch
  • Optimisation of lip red for more smoothness and suppleness with Restylane Vital
Is lip injection with fillers safe?

In our practice we use Restylane Filler from GALDERMA company. The treatment with Restylane fillers is very safe and harmless. Restylane is the world’s most extensively researched and documented dermal filler based on stabilised hyaluron. This has already resulted in over 30 million Restylane treatments.

Further information can be found on the Galderma website.


Is injecting lips painful?

The lip injections we use contain painkillers, so the treatment is much gentler than before. If you want almost complete freedom from pain, you will receive anaesthetic cream half an hour before the treatment.

Are my lips less sensitive after treatment?

Lip correction in MUGGENTHALER ÄSTHETIK does not affect the sensitivity of the lips. Kisses feel exactly the same to you as they did before.

Which treatments complement a lip correction?

Permanent make-up: To draw the lips up
Surgical lip shortening
Peeling: To rejuvenate the facial skin
Laser treatment: To specifically smooth the skin around the mouth
Botox: To raise the corners of the mouth
Facelift: To give the face its youthful, fresh appearance

When is a lip correction not recommended?

If you get herpes easily, a drug prophylaxis with aciclovir tablets is carried out before the lip correction. You will receive these three days before the treatment by Dr. Muggenthaler. In case of an acute herpes infection, lip correction cannot be performed.

Does the lip correction cause a permanent change of the lips?

Dr. Muggenthaler uses top-quality hyaluronic acid fillers that are biodegradable for lip correction. The result of a lip correction usually lasts between 6 and 12 months, occasionally up to about 18 months.

Can subsequent corrections be made?

The treated lips can be corrected very precisely at any time. After injection or dissolving – both are possible after lip correction.

Will I be treated by Dr. Muggenthaler personally?

Yes, of course. Dr. Muggenthaler has been carrying out lip corrections for decades and is extremely experienced in the treatment.

Do I have to care for my lips afterwards?

Immediately after the lip correction, the lips are cooled for 15 minutes, a special care cream is then no longer necessary.

Am I fit right after the lip correction?

Yes, but on the day of treatment and sometimes the day after, the lips can be clearly swollen. Excessive physical activity should be avoided during this time.

Does the smoothness of the lips suffer from the treatment?

No. Thanks to the high-quality filler we use, neither the flexibility nor the sensitivity of the lips suffers.

Who is suitable for a lip correction?

Almost every adult woman can improve her appearance by emphasising the shape and volume of her lips. Too old – that does not happen with lip correction either.

Gesichtschirurg Dr. Muggenthaler BaselThe most frequently asked questions about lip correction will be answered by Dr. Frank Muggenthaler on this page. Can’t find an answer to your question here? Then get in touch with us! We will answer all your questions, gladly in a personal consultation in our practice in Basel.

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