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Facts about nose correction


The nose should above all be one thing: inconspicuous: Facts about nose correction. An unattractive nose distracts from the eyes – this impairs the personal charisma. On the other hand, a beautiful nose creates a harmonious image and emphasises femininity or masculinity.

Although the nose only covers a small area of the face it is of enormous importance for facial beauty. We treat both young patients who decide to have their nose corrected at an early age and people who have always suffered from their nose and wish to have a beautiful nose at a later age. Dr. Muggenthaler gives your nose a harmonious shape that looks good and does not stand out as operated. The result is natural, because Dr. Muggenthaler, as an experienced facial surgeon, knows which shape fits your face perfectly. In addition to a harmonious shape, the nose should also function perfectly as a respiratory organ. If possible, we will also carry out an appropriate correction in this respect.

Especially nose corrections require an extensive consultation and visualization of possible desired outcomes. We deploy state-of-the –art computer programs for this purpose.

1 to 2 hours under general anaesthesia

Stay in our clinic
One night or ambulant

Follow-up treatment
Cooling, dressing change after 7 days, removal of the last plaster after 10 to 14 days

Rare complications
Nach 10 bis 14 Tagen

Rare complications
Visible and noticeable unevennesses that are not self-evident may require a limited amount of post-correction.




Frequently asked questions about nose correction


Is a computer simulation made before the nose correction?

Yes, with the simulation on the computer a possible result can be represented.

What type of anaesthesia is necessary for a nose operation?

General anaesthesia is necessary for nose correction.

Can I have a nasal cast?

Yes, this will be removed after about 1 week.

Can I breathe with the bandage?

Respiration is not disturbed.

How long are tamponades laid?

As a rule, the tamponade is removed a few hours after the operation.

Are there any swellings?

Slight swelling is possible, but disappears after seven days.

Is nose surgery associated with a risk?

If unevenness remain after the surgery, a minor follow-up correction may be required.

How long can I not work after the nose correction?

After a week, the nasal plaster is removed. Then plaster strips are applied for another week. Thereafter, there is the unrestricted ability to socialise.

Does the health insurance pay for a correction of the nose?

If a functional impairment is confirmed by a medical certificate, it is possible to cover the costs.

Gesichtschirurg Dr. Muggenthaler BaselThe most frequently asked questions about nose correction will be answered by Dr. Frank Muggenthaler on this page. Can’t find an answer to your question here? Then get in touch with us! We will answer all your questions, gladly in a personal consultation in our practice in Basel.

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