Optimal skin care in winter

Stressed winter skin? No need to hide.

Temperature fluctuations, dry heating air and icy cold put a strain on our skin. The right skincare is now the be-all and end-all for a radiant and healthy complexion.

Fat on your face? No thanks.

In winter, many people turn to a face cream with a higher oil content. However, too much oil can also be too much of a good thing. Traditional moisturizers often have more disadvantages than advantages. This is because the substances remain on the uppermost layer of the skin and thus artificially hydrate from the outside. This impedes natural cell activity so that the skin can no longer produce enough of its own moisture. This slowing down of the natural moisturizing process leads to a weakening of the skin barrier. As a result, the user becomes dependent on moisturizers.

Moisture from the inside instead of fat from the outside.

ZO® moisturizers, on the other hand, contain key active ingredients that rejuvenate the skin cells. The products stimulate the skin to start moisturizing from the inside out. This vitalizes the skin, keeping it healthy and youthful looking.

Hydrate and soothe without the usual negative effects of moisturizers.

Don’t forget your lips!

ZO® has developed a highly effective lip care product to restore suppleness to dry or even chapped lips. The moisture content of the lips is increased, the lips appear plumped up and the contour is emphasized.

LiprebuildTM Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

Blemished skin in winter! What can I do?

If you have already opted for the wrong skin care in winter, you may be punished with clogged pores or even spots. If you reach for the exfoliating glove now, it’s better to put it back. Exfoliating the skin too roughly can irritate it further, which can lead to even more redness and even inflammation. The better alternative is professional skin cleansing by a specialist. For example with the sensational HydraFacial® treatment. After gentle skin cleansing, the skin is supplied with valuable vitamins and hyaluronic acid. The ideal winter treatment for stressed skin.

More about HydraFacial®


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