Phenol peeling vs. facelift – When is which procedure best?

facelifting peeling

Not all anti-ageing is the same. Whether non-invasive methods or surgical measures – the choice of the right treatment is, among other things, a question of indication.

In my day-to-day practice, I notice time and again that many patients are very unsure about which treatment method to choose. This is hardly surprising when you consider the huge range of aesthetic applications on offer. As a doctor, it is therefore all the more important to know the possibilities and limitations of the methods (from non-invasive to surgical) and to provide conscientious patient information.

In this article, I would like to take a closer look at the characteristics and corresponding indications of the
and the
deep peeling
in more detail.

They have three things in common: Both applications are invasive, have a relatively high downtime and, when used correctly, have a remarkable rejuvenating effect of 8 to 15 years. In terms of indications, however, the two methods differ fundamentally.

Phenol peel for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle and pigment correction

Contrary to the still widespread assumption that wrinkles can be reduced with a facelift, it should be said that this is only partially true and a facelift is certainly not the right measure for pure wrinkle correction (especially deep wrinkles).

When it comes to pure skin rejuvenation or the correction of deep wrinkles, I see the phenol peeling as having a clear advantage. The special feature lies in the renewal of the elastic and collagen fibers in depth, whereby the skin receives a significant improvement in its functional properties. This leads to renewal and rejuvenation in all layers of the skin. Not only superficial but also deep wrinkles are almost completely eliminated.

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Facelift for tightening & modeling

From around the age of 50, many people experience a clearly visible loss of shape or a lack of demarcation between the face and neck. If the neck and lower chin area have excess fatty tissue, severe wrinkles can also form in the neck region. There is also often talk of the so-called “turkey neck”. A facelift or neck lift provides a remedy by restoring the harmonious overall appearance of the face and neck and improving the definition of the lower jawline.

The face and neck lift straightens the lower jawline and restores a clear contour to the neck.

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Overview of indications


Phenol peels and facelifts complement each other well in terms of indications and can be combined to a certain extent. But there are definitely limits. This is because peels increase the trauma after a lift depending on the type of peel and the extent. The general edema, the restriction of tissue perfusion and the pain must be limited to a tolerable level.


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