Presentation and knowledge exchange within the framework of the International Peeling Society

As President of the German Society for Aesthetic Surgery and a member of the International Peeling Society, I am intensively involved in further training and the exchange of professional knowledge. It is a special pleasure to be able to share my phenol peeling experience with doctors from all over the world. This was the case at a recent webinar of the International Peeling Society with my esteemed colleague and co-speaker Dr. Carlos Wambier from the USA, which was attended by around 160 participants from all continents.


The International Peeling Society

The International Peeling Society is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards in the field of chemical peeling in aesthetic medicine and surgery. This includes a high level of clinical practice, medical training and research in the field of chemical peels. In the area of patient care, the IPS informs and educates the public about the state of the art in chemical peels. Members are provided with a forum to develop relationships between practitioners worldwide and to promote the exchange of ideas and research on relevant topics


Presentation “Phenol Peeling

After Dr. Carlos Wambier’s fantastic presentation on the composition of the phenol-croton oil formula and its mechanism of action, I shared my expertise and experience in the practical application of phenol peels.

In my presentation, I mainly dealt with the optimal pre- and post-treatment for phenol peeling. From skin conditioning and medication to follow-up treatment with the Bismuth Galleate blood plasma mask.

The second part dealt with the question of whether and with which non-invasive and invasive treatments phenol peeling can be combined and what limits exist in terms of downtime.


My conclusion

Learning from the best, passing on knowledge and always thinking outside the box – for me personally, this is the foundation for success and safety in aesthetic medicine. Especially when it comes to such demanding treatments as phenol peeling, which requires the highest level of expertise and conscientiousness from the treating doctor. Institutions such as the International Peeling Society offer an important platform for exchanging ideas with the world’s most experienced peeling experts and learning from each other. Always with the aim of achieving the best possible results with maximum safety for the patient.

With our presentations and, above all, the subsequent expert discussion, we were once again able to make a small contribution to promoting the treatment standards of phenol peelings at a high level.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the project management of the International Peeling Society, Dr. Seaver Soon and my co-lecturer Dr. Carlos Wambier.

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