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Specialist articles on minimally invasive Treatments and Skincare

Specialist articles on facelifting and necklifting

Specialist articles on eyebrow lifting & eyelid correction

Technical papers on the subject of peelings

Technical articles on the topic of wrinkle smoothing

General technical articles on facial surgery

This is what the experts speak about

Last year the unique textbook “Dissecting the Facelift” was published. The book approaches the supreme discipline of facial surgery from a comparative perspective, with dedicated facelift experts from around the world explaining their unique approach. Also Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler has contributed an exciting article about his facelift method.

Journal for Aesthetic Surgery

The scientific development of aesthetic surgery is one of the main concerns of Dr. Muggenthaler. As editor of the prestigious journal JOURNAL FÜR ÄSTHETISCHE CHIRURGIE published by Springer Verlag, he attaches great importance to a scientific and objective presentation without advertising influence.

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Practice for Aesthetic Facial Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Very good transport links to Freiburg, Zurich, Bern, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. Thanks to the good connections via Basel/Mulhouse Airport, our patients can also travel easily and inexpensively from Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Geneva, as well as from the south of France, Palma de Mallorca or Marbella.