Successful facelift webinar at the GÄCD

facelift webinar dr. muggenthaler

No master has ever fallen from the sky – especially not a facial surgeon. Continuous further training is therefore essential in aesthetic plastic surgery. I personally had the good fortune to learn from the best in their field. Today I am all the more grateful that as President of the Society for Aesthetic Surgery (GÄCD) I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with colleagues at the GÄCD Academy.

Our Facelift webinar on April 15, 2021 impressively demonstrated that knowledge sharing is ideally possible in virtual space. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants once again for their keen interest and, of course, my co-lecturers Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Funk and Dr. Christian Schrank for their informative and instructive presentations.

Knowledge is not a treasure to be hoarded. With this in mind, we will be organizing further webinars and workshops within the GÄCD on many exciting topics in aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology.

The current Academy program and further information can be found at