The pyramid of facial rejuvenation – presentation at the REVIDERM regional conference

Reviderm regional conference

On May 10, 2022, the beautiful Bar Rouge in Basel hosted the REVIDERM regional consultation with exciting presentations and a lively exchange of knowledge. Renowned experts reported on the latest trends in skin care and dermatology. I was particularly pleased to be able to contribute to the knowledge transfer with a comprehensive presentation on facial rejuvenation.

In my presentation, I explained the procedures of the individual treatment methods for skin and facial rejuvenation and went into more detail about their indications, effects and possible complications – from non-invasive treatments to surgical measures and the Phenol deep peel.

The range of options for harmonizing and rejuvenating faces is becoming ever more extensive. In particular, the number of available non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments continues to grow. For the layman, it is not so easy to keep track of all the possibilities. In fact, however, clear indications can be determined for all methods and it is also possible to define a certain system according to which the treatments should be combined. Of course, skin care also plays an important role – both in daily routines and as part of pre- and post-treatment for invasive procedures.

The REVIDERM regional conference has once again shown how important it is to think outside the box and use the findings of science, dermatology and aesthetic surgery in an interdisciplinary way.

A big thank you to REVIDERM for this successful event.