Brow lift: Lecture at the University Hospital Düsseldorf

brow lift

The modified subcutaneous brow lift

At the weekend I took part in a training event at Düsseldorf University Hospital. The eye clinic there, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Geerling, invited me to give a lecture on my experience with the most effective eyebrow lifting techniques currently available. It was an honor for me to present the techniques I have developed to a high-caliber group of national and international surgeons and to discuss them with my colleagues. Thanks to my procedure, it is possible to lift the brows to almost any desired position through very short and later virtually invisible incisions at the hairline, even under local anesthesia. The uncomplicated procedure makes it much easier to decide in favor of the procedure, which is why I now perform more brow lifts than upper eyelid corrections. In some cases, however, it also makes sense to combine the two procedures.

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