Drooping eyelids – cause and correction

Slippery eyelid surgery

Many women as well as men are bothered by the so-called drooping eyelids. Quite a few of them are under a great deal of suffering that severely affects their everyday lives. It is therefore not surprising that the correction of drooping eyelids is one of the top aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. According to the German Society for Plastic Surgery (DGÄPC), eyelid correction accounted for 14.1% of all aesthetic operations in 2017. In this article, I will tell you how drooping eyelids develop, what correction options are available and when an operation is actually advisable.

What are drooping eyelids and how do they develop?

Drooping eyelids are when the movable part of the eyelid is barely visible or no longer visible at all, as it is covered by hanging areas of skin above the eye. However, lowering the forehead and eyebrows can also simulate excess eyelid skin and make the eye area appear smaller. Either way, the result is a tired and older-looking facial expression.

Drooping eyelids are caused on the one hand by genetics and on the other by the natural ageing process. This is because our skin loses elasticity and resilience around the eye area over time. This is due to decreasing elastin and collagen production. An unhealthy lifestyle (stress, smoking, little sleep, alcohol) further intensifies this negative effect.

When does surgery make sense?

Basically, if you are bothered by a gloomy and tired facial expression and want to bring your appearance back into harmony with a positive attitude towards life, drooping eyelid surgery is certainly a good solution. Particularly in older patients, the excess eyelid skin can reach extreme proportions, so that the incidence of light in the eye is impaired and the field of vision is severely restricted. In this case, only surgical correction will help.

However, it is not uncommon for eyelid correction alone not to lead to the desired result. The impression of a tired look is often created by a lowering of the eyebrows.

If this is the case, a combination of different corrections is advisable: lifting of the eyebrows, lateral tightening of the temple region and, if necessary, correction of the excess eyelid skin. By combining the various measures, the experienced surgeon can achieve particularly harmonious and natural results.

Expertise and security

The eye region is a very characteristic part of the face. Corrections to the eyelids therefore require special attention and belong in the hands of a specialized facial surgeon.

My eyebrow lift procedure – the modified subcutaneous brow lift – is particularly effective and gentle. The technique requires only small incisions that leave barely visible scars. The deep layers of the tissue are spared by lifting only the skin. This enables gentle anesthesia and a quick recovery.

Do you have questions about eyelid correction or an eyebrow lift? We will be happy to advise you at our clinic in Gutach.

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