Facelift without general anesthesia with an adapted reduced anesthesia

facelift without anesthesia

At our clinic, we attach great importance to adapted and reduced sedation for facial surgery procedures such as facelifts. This is very much in line with the wishes of many patients. Various studies and surveys have shown that most patients are more afraid of general anesthesia than of the actual procedure. Unnecessary and long stays in hospital should be avoided wherever possible.

Facelift without general anesthesia

Of course, every surgical procedure involves a certain amount of physical strain. In my many years of experience, however, I am convinced that the accompanying circumstances of a facelift in particular must be optimally coordinated. My focus is always on the well-being and safety of the patient.

I have been working with a very experienced anesthesia team for over 20 years. We have continuously developed our concept of anesthesia to make it ever more gentle and safe. To date, our efforts have resulted in a sophisticated sedation concept. In order to remain pain-free, our patients receive an effective local anesthetic in combination with a gentle twilight anesthetic and sedative medication.

Not only gentler, but also safer

Our adapted concept of sedation has a whole range of medical advantages:


  • Better overview of the surgical site
  • Avoidance of nerve lesions
  • Lower blood pressure fluctuations postop.
  • High patient acceptance
  • Reduced OP costs
  • Shortened recovery phase

Naturalness in a facelift

A facelift is not about sculpting a new face, but about recognizing the positive facial features and rejuvenating the overall appearance (by up to 15 years). Maintaining a natural facial expression is the top priority for many patients. Because you don’t want to look “done” or “operated on”. The avoidance of general anesthesia is also very much in line with this wish. The reason: facial expressions can be controlled during the procedure, which minimizes damage to the facial nerves.

Do you have any questions about facelifts or facial rejuvenation in general? I would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

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