Hyaluronic acid filler in facial rejuvenation


As a passionate facial surgeon, the focus of my work is on surgical
. Nevertheless, I am always enthusiastic about the possibilities that
fillers offer for facial rejuvenation
offer. In fact, it is possible to achieve almost the same results as a facelift in young patients with the skillful use of fillers.

I have been using hyaluronic acid fillers for more than 20 years and make sure that I use the right filler and the right technique for each area of application. Hyaluronic acid is a so-called polysaccharide and is an important natural building block of the human body. It is abundant in natural connective tissue, where it fulfills a number of functions. Key properties of hyaluronic acid: It binds a lot of water and thus creates volume. It also ensures that important metabolic processes can take place undisturbed. The hyaluronic acid fillers I use are produced exclusively synthetically and are therefore very safe and well tolerated.

Filler for wrinkle treatment

The absolute classic use of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic medicine is probably the treatment of wrinkles. The fillers compensate for lost volume and literally “fill up” wrinkles from the inside. As simple as it may sound, wrinkle treatment with fillers should always be carried out by an experienced specialist who is familiar with the anatomy of the face – otherwise the results can be aesthetically unsatisfactory all too quickly. However, in the hands of an experienced facial surgeon, fillers can be used in a variety of ways to treat wrinkles. They are suitable for smoothing fine wrinkles, but can also be used to soften deeper wrinkles. A deep nasolabial fold, for example, can be smoothed very well with a combination of the proven stable filler RESTYLANE Classic and the superficial filler EMERVEL Touch.

Filler for beautiful and sensual lips

For me, one of the most exciting areas of application for hyaluronic acid preparations is the lips. There are a few things to consider when performing a lip correction with fillers: For an aesthetic expression, not only the relationship between the lower and upper lip (keyword: golden ratio) but also their interplay with the entire face is important. To ensure that all these aspects are taken into account, a lip correction with me is always based on an in-depth analysis of the face. The actual lip correction takes about 15 to 30 minutes. After the filler treatment, the lips are cooled for a few minutes to minimize swelling. You should take it easy on the first day after the correction, but you can admire your beautifully shaped lips the very next day. I attach great importance to harmonious, natural-looking lips.

Filler revolution: Restylane Skinbooster

For these wrinkle treatments and lip corrections, we at Muggenthaler Ästhetik only use the proven hyaluronic acid preparations from Galderma. However, hyaluronic acid does more than just fill deep wrinkles and increase volume: Restylane Skinbooster, also developed by Galderma, targets the deep hydration of the skin and thus represents an innovative approach to wrinkle treatment.

During a treatment with Restylane Skinboosters, I inject a soft hyaluronic gel into the skin. The depots act as a long-term water reservoir and supply the skin with moisture over a long period of time. This also stimulates the metabolism – firmness, elasticity and the overall appearance of the skin improve significantly. As the hyaluronic acid in Skinbooster is very similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid, it is very well tolerated. Treatment with skin boosters can also be easily combined with other facial rejuvenation measures, such as the treatment of deep wrinkles with fillers.

Advice on facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid preparations

I would be happy to advise you personally on the various possibilities of facial rejuvenation with the help of hyaluronic acid preparations. In my practice in Basel and my clinic in Gutach im Breisgau, a comprehensive consultation always includes a detailed analysis of your face in order to show you the best treatment options. If you are interested, simply contact my team and arrange a consultation – I look forward to hearing from you!