Muggenthaler aesthetics in the current ELLE

ELLE September 2019

ELLE magazine’s “Best Beauty Docs” series presents the best German doctors for aesthetic medicine. In the current issue, I have the honor of answering questions about phenol peeling:

Extract from ELLE September 2019:

ELLE: How do the peeling treatments differ from a lift?

F.M. During a lift, sagging areas of tissue are raised again. That is unique. And there is no conceivable alternative, especially in the case of neck correction. However, the skin quality remains unchanged. With a phenol peel, we achieve facial tightening through tissue regeneration. This is a completely different approach with a long-lasting effect. Skin renewal causes wrinkles, pigmentation changes and cornification disorders to disappear and the skin’s elasticity returns. This enables us to achieve a rejuvenation of ten to twenty years. The change in skin structure is fascinating!