New board structure at the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery

Journal for Aesthetic Surgery

The Journal of Aesthetic Surgery is particularly close to my heart. As editor of this prestigious journal, I particularly appreciate the scientific and objective presentation without promotional influence.

The Journal of Aesthetic Surgery has continued to develop in recent years. The great interest in the journal and, in particular, the significant increase in digital usage are impressive proof that the journal’s quality in terms of content and science is recognized and appreciated by readers.

To support this encouraging development, the publisher, editorial board and GÄCD (Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Chirurgie Deutschland) board have decided to expand the board and invite an editor for each specialty. The new structure reflects the diversity and multidisciplinarity of aesthetic surgery and illustrates how multifaceted this specialist field is.

I personally look forward to many more interesting issues and to a successful collaboration with the new editorial board.

A portrait of the editor and publisher (PDF)